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Particle Beamline Physicist

Sigmaphi has a vacancy for a Particle Beamline Physicist

  • Closing date: 15 Jun 2021
  • France | Sigmaphi
  • Date posted: 15 Apr 2021
  • Job type: Industry & business
  • Disciplines: Accelerators, neutron & light sources  | Optics, lasers & photonics 

We have a full-time vacancy for a Particle Beamline Physicist, based in Vannes, Bretagne, France.

The role

  • Optic design:
    – Help your scientific customers (international physical research institutes) to define their project and their needs
    – Realize the optical calculation of the beamline
    – Help the product engineer in designing the beamline if it is necessary
  • Communication:
    – You will make posters for international conferences
    – You will write and publish technical articles

Experience needed

  • A PhD in a physical domain and are internationally known and credible in this domain.
  • Extensive experience in the world of particle accelerators and in designing beamlines.
  • A good knowledge of electromagnetism.
  • Inquiring, autonomous and pragmatic.
  • A knowledge of the research environment and also understand the issues of an industrial company.
  • You need to be able to speak/listen/understand French and English.

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