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Avenue Carl Friedrich Gauss, 3, Castelldefels, Barcelona, 08860, Spain

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences is a research centre devoted to the science and technology of light. Our research thrusts target the global forefront of photonics, and aim to tackle important challenges faced by society at large. We focus on current and future problems in health, energy, information, safety, security and caring for the environment

ICFO is a research excellence centre devoted to the science and technology of light. Our mission is to conduct frontier research, train the next generation of scientists and provide knowledge and technology transfer. We have more than 400 researchers dedicated to fundamental and applied research, addressing standing issues such as health, renewable energies, information technologies, security and industrial processes.

Why work for us
ICFO strives to be a resource for science, technology and talent, and to provide researchers with unique skills to become successful and independent future leaders, both in the academic and industrial worlds. ICFO provides cutting-edge facilities, a stimulating international and interdisciplinary environment, as well as high-level training and extended administrative support for national and international researchers, at different career levels, with backgrounds in scientific disciplines related to optics and photonics, and their applications, including physics, engineering, mathematics, chemistry and biology.

Training and development
Central to ICFO’s mission is to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth to exceptional students, scientists and future stakeholders in the academic and industrial worlds.

A broad range of tailor-made career-development programmes have been created to meet the needs of specific target audiences. ICFO offers focused PhD programmes and dedicated Master’s studies. ICFOnians have access to opportunities throughout the year for enhancing existing skills and competencies, including scientific lectures, specialized seminars, technical workshops, specific courses and other networking opportunities.

What we are looking for
ICFO was conceived as a place where highly motivated and dedicated researchers would have the resources – both in terms of advanced equipment and human capital – to engage in research at the very highest international level. At the core of ICFO life is the drive for deeper scientific understanding, which can only be gained by dedication, hard work, asking questions and experimenting with new concepts and ideas. ICFO’s scientific impact factor is high and the ambition to publish original findings is strong.


Number of employees

Positions recently recruited for
Undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhD, postdoctoral and research engineer positions

Desired degree disciplines/class
Physics, engineering, mathematics, chemistry or biology

Eligible to work in the EU

How to apply
Apply through our ICFO Job Openings site at

Closing date
All year round

Tel +34 935534002

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