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brightrecruits is a recruitment service that connects employers from different industry sectors with jobseekers who have a background in physics and engineering. Published by IOP Publishing, brightrecruits highlights the many different career opportunities available to physics graduates.

Surveys show that that 8 out of 10 graduate physicists are working in fields not directly related to their academic discipline. These analytical, numerate and adaptable candidates have the skills to work in a variety of job roles, ranging from fundamental research through to computer modelling and industrial manufacturing.

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Finding the right people can make all the difference to your business, but mistakes can be costly.

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We know that looking for a new job can be a job in itself. You’re hoping for success but you’re opening yourself up to rejection too.

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brightrecruits offers you a complete online solution for managing your vacancies and tracking your applications. To find out more, please contact us to find out more about your job posting options.

brightrecruits attracts quality candidates for a whole range of other sectors, including education, defence, computing and IT, and communication.

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IOP Publishing is a society-owned scientific publisher that provides impact, recognition and value to the scientific community. We combine the values of a scholarly society with the technical expertise and efficiency of a global commercial publisher. We work closely with researchers, academics,and partners worldwide to produce research journals, ebooks, magazines and digital products that showcase the most exciting scientific advances in the physical sciences and beyond.

IOP Publishing offers a comprehensive range of services to help scientists maximize the discoverability anda uthority of their research. As an integral part of the scientific community,we work in close collaboration with our authors, readers, and customers to ensure that we always serve their needs. Visit ioppublishing.org to find out more.

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