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Vacuum Engineer

SCK CEN is looking to recruit a Vacuum System Engineer to help develop new medical radioisotopes and solve the nuclear-waste issue

  • Closing date: 31 Jan 2021
  • Belgium | Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN)
  • Date posted: 17 Dec 2020
  • Job type: Research facilities
  • Disciplines: Accelerators, neutron & light sources  | Materials science 

MYRRHA will be the world’s first sub-critical, particle accelerator driven reactor, cooled by a lead-bismuth eutectic. Our main mission is to build MYRRHA and use it as a research reactor. But there’s still a lot of work to be done, such as constructing MINERVA – the project’s first phase that consists of a particle accelerator and a proton target facility. The commissioning of this accelerator facility is scheduled for 2026.

Together with large teams of ambitious engineers and researchers, SCK CEN wants to develop new medical radioisotopes and solve the nuclear waste issue. To help us achieve our ambitious goals, we are looking for a Vacuum System Engineer.

In this position, you will

  • Be responsible for the vacuum system (ultra-high vacuum) of a particle accelerator (superconducting linac).
  • Model and define all aspects of the vacuum layout for the entire accelerator (from proton source up to the vacuum windows upstream the target facilities) according to the requirements in terms of performances, mechanical integration needs, safety, operational needs and reliability.
  • Be responsible for procurement launching and follow-up and for all quality assurance and quality control procedures regarding the vacuum system.
  • Lead vacuum system acceptance tests.
  • Perform laboratory tests and measurements of vacuum system properties on prototypes and pre-series of accelerator components.
  • Define the integration of the vacuum system into the global Accelerator Control System (supervision screens, engineering screens, warnings and alarms, interlocks, data registration).
  • Manage and implement the maintenance and spare parts policies for the vacuum system.
  • Participate in the definition and implementation of the Machine Protection System.
  • Keep the technical documentation, including drawings and quality assurance records, up to date.
  • Participate in the installation and commissioning of the MINERVA facility.
  • Provide support to the operation of the accelerator.
  • Report to the group leader responsible for the MINERVA proton accelerator.

Job requirements

  • A (technical) Master’s degree in surface science, material science or equivalent.
  • Knowledge of mechanical design, manufacturing and assembly techniques for large and complex mechanical systems.
  • Knowledge of surface science, specific experience with vacuum techniques is a strong asset.
  • Familiarity with CAD software for mechanical designing and with modern office-based computing tools for the preparation and illustration of technical documentation.
  • Experience with drawing up technical reports and preparing technical documentation.
  • The ability to communicate in a multidisciplinary, international environment.
  • Good knowledge of English; knowledge of French/Dutch is an advantage.
  • You work in Mol, but will visit our office in Louvain-la-Neuve on a regular basis. You are willing to travel regularly.

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