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SSRL Accelerator Physics Group Lead

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is seeking an Accelerator Physicist to lead its Accelerator Physics Group

  • Closing soon
  • Closing date: 19 Dec 2020
  • United States | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
  • Date posted: 18 Dec 2020
  • Job type: Research facilities
  • Discipline: Accelerators, neutron & light sources 

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory’s SPEAR3 is one of the four US third-generation light sources – electron storage rings dedicated to producing brilliant X-ray beams. SPEAR3 serves Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource (SSRL), a national user facility with a long history of utilizing synchrotron radiation for multi-disciplinary experiments.

We are seeking an Accelerator Physicist to lead our Accelerator Physics Group within the SSRL Accelerator Division. This group’s responsibilities include:

  • Physics support for the maintenance and operation of the SSRL accelerator complex, which includes an RF electron gun, 120-MeV linear accelerator, a 10-Hz cycling booster synchrotron to accelerate electrons from 120 MeV to 3 GeV, and the main SPEAR3 storage ring that emits x-ray synchrotron radiation from bend magnets, wigglers and undulators.
  • Propose and help design, manage, and execute upgrades of the existing SSRL accelerators to improve their performance and/or reliability.
  • Design an MBA storage ring as a future source to serve the SSRL photon science community.

This is an exciting time for the SSRL accelerator team. SSRL management is building the case for a new storage ring. The Accelerator Physics Group will play an important part in that process.

Your specific responsibilities include

  • Supervize the staff scientists and research associates in the Accelerator Physics Group and oversee the SSRL accelerator physics effort.
  • Coordinate and guide the design of an MBA storage ring for SSRL, seeking input for the design from experts worldwide. Build accelerator physics team as required.
  • Develop and help manage the implementation of a near-term upgrade plan for the SSRL accelerators to improve performance and expand capabilities.
  • Provide physics specifications for reliability upgrades and for new insertion devices.
  • Oversee the semi-weekly accelerator physics machine studies.
  • Manage the Accelerator Physics Group budget.
  • Collaborate with other groups within the SPEAR3 Accelerator Physics division, SSRL photon scientists, other groups within SLAC’s Accelerator Directorate, and accelerator experts from other laboratories.
  • Other duties may also be assigned.

Note: The Lead Scientist level is a regular-continuing position. Applicants will be evaluated on research experience and accomplishments in field of expertise. Applicants should include a cover letter, a statement of research including brief summary of accomplishments, a curriculum vitae, a list of publications, and names of three references for future letters of recommendation with the application.

To be successful in this position you will bring

  • PhD in accelerator physics or related field with minimum 8 years of relevant experience in accelerator and storage ring physics.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of storage ring physics including linear and nonlinear beam optics, lattice design, impedance and collective effects, orbit control, accelerator technology, accelerator hardware, and accelerator controls systems.
  • Hands-on accelerator expertise, including the ability to quickly diagnose problems that develop with the accelerators during operations.
  • Proven capabilities in leadership, collaboration with experienced accelerator professionals, and training and mentoring junior colleagues.
  • Aptitude with computer modeling codes. Experience with MATLAB would be desirable.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to clearly document scientific research and projects.

Preferred qualifications

  • Prior experience as a supervisor and with project management would be desirable.

SLAC employee competencies

  • Effective decisions: Uses job knowledge and solid judgment to make quality decisions in a timely manner.
  • Self-development: Pursues a variety of venues and opportunities to continue learning and developing.
  • Dependability: Can be counted on to deliver results with a sense of personal responsibility for expected outcomes.
  • Initiative: Pursues work and interactions proactively with optimism, positive energy, and motivation to move things forward.
  • Adaptability: Flexes as needed when change occurs, maintains an open outlook while adjusting and accommodating changes.
  • Communication: Ensures effective information flow to various audiences and creates and delivers clear, appropriate written, spoken, presented messages.
  • Relationships: Builds relationships to foster trust, collaboration, and a positive climate to achieve common goals.

Physical requirements and working conditions

  • Consistent with its obligations under the law, the university will provide reasonable accommodation to any employee with a disability who requires accommodation to perform the essential functions of the job.

Work standards

  • Interpersonal skills: Demonstrates the ability to work well with Stanford colleagues and clients and with external organizations.
  • Promote culture of safety: Demonstrates commitment to personal responsibility and value for environment, safety and security; communicates related concerns; uses and promotes safe behaviors based on training and lessons learned. Meets the applicable roles and responsibilities as described in the ESH Manual, Chapter 1—General Policy and Responsibilities:
  • Subject to and expected to comply with all applicable University policies and procedures, including but not limited to the personnel policies and other policies found in the University’s Administrative Guide,

Classification title: Lead Scientist
Grade: M
Job code: 1094
Duration: Regular continuing


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