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Plasma Physicist

The UK Atomic Energy Authority is looking to recruit a Plasma Physicist

  • Closing soon
  • Closing date: 28 Feb 2021
  • United Kingdom | UK Atomic Energy Authority
  • Date posted: 04 Feb 2021
  • Job type: Government/Public sector
  • Discipline: Plasma science & technology 

The UK Atomic Energy Authority’s mission is to lead the delivery of sustainable fusion energy and maximise scientific and economic impact.

Do you want to work at the forefront of fusion research and technology, which could solve the world’s energy problems by providing a clean and virtually limitless energy source?

Do you want to be part of a unique international environment?

Come and join us on the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production (STEP) programme, an exciting and ambitious national endeavour.

You will work with a vibrant team in conjunction with industry to deliver a multi-billion project aiming for completion by the early 2040s. Successful delivery of the STEP fusion prototype power plant will pave the way for a fleet of commercial fusion plants.

What we’re looking for

To help us achieve this aim, we are now seeking to recruit Physicists to work in the following areas of tokamak plasma modelling:

  • Gyrokinetic simulations of core plasma turbulence.
  • Plasma turbulence modeller.
  • Plasma turbulence modeller/developer.
  • Fast particle physics.
  • Plasma disruptions.
  • Runaway electron physics.
  • Radiofrequency physics.

In all cases, applicants should hold, or be about to hold, a PhD in plasma physics or possess equivalent experience.

While each of these positions will be primarily focused on plasma modelling in the high beta burning plasma domain of STEP, successful candidates will also work on plasma modelling and experiments on other fusion devices at Culham and internationally.

UKAEA operates the new Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (“MAST”) Upgrade machine, which is the forerunner of STEP.

UKAEA also hosts the Joint European Torus (“JET”), the only machine in the world owned by EU nations that can use both tritium and deuterium.

UKAEA is strongly involved with ITER – the world’s largest fusion experiment, and the EUROfusion programme.


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