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New PhD Projects in the SNI PhD School at the University of Basel

The SNI PhD School is inviting applications for new PhD projects

  • Closing soon
  • Closing date: 31 Dec 2020
  • Switzerland | Swiss Nanoscience Institute
  • Date posted: 28 Sep 2020
  • Job type: Academic: PhD/MSc
  • Disciplines: Nanotechnology  | Materials science 

The SNI PhD School

In 2012, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute founded a PhD School to promote the education of young researchers in the nanosciences. The research activities address the cutting-edge scientific and interdisciplinary approach of nanoscience and technology and root in disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering.

Each doctoral student is supervized by two scientists from the interdisciplinary SNI network and belongs to the successful SNI PhD School. Within this network, scientific exchange and networking is of great importance. All PhD student participate in these meetings of the network as well as in their Winter School and several courses that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the doctoral students.

You can now apply for new PhD projects

P2001 Imaging cardiovascular macro- and microstructure using HfO2 nanocrystals as X-ray tomography contrast agents (De Roo/Bonnin). Click here for a description.

P2002 A Death-Dealing Bacterial Nanomachine (Lim/Basler). Click here for a description.

P2004 Local Manipulation of Spin Domains in a Multiferroic Rashba Semiconductor (Muntwiler/Jung). Click here for a description.

P2005 Transmembrane protein-mediated loading of synthetic compartments (Palivan/Kammerer). Click here for a description.

P2006 RESTRAIN – Reticular Chemistry at Interfaces as a Form of Nanotechnology (Shahgaldian/De Roo). Click here for a description.

P2007 Development of nanoscale acoustic tweezers for mechanobiology application (Tsujino/Lim). Click here for a description.

P2008 Scanning Nanowire Quantum Dot (Zumbühl/Poggio).

How to apply

If you are interested and would like to apply, we are only accept online applications.


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Employer profiles

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