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Quantum Science and Nanomaterials International Graduate School

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University of Strasbourg, IPCMS - Bâtiment 69, 23 Rue du Loess, 67200, France

The QMat “initiative of excellence” is an international integrated MSc and PhD program of the University of Strasbourg, which prepares the next generation of scientists and engineers to shape the future in quantum science and nanotechnology

The International Graduate School in Quantum Science and Nanomaterials (QMat) is located at the University of Strasbourg in France.

Why work for us
The continuing miniaturization and integration of information technologies requires a better understanding and control of the quantum nature of matter. By exploiting quantum effects we can create new devices and materials that will shape the future of technology and positively impact society. QMat prepares the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers for this task, by putting outstanding MSc and PhD students at the forefront of research combined with an engaging training programme bridging physics, material science, chemistry and engineering.

Training and development
We run an internationally recognized Master of Physics and PhD programme. Study in English at the crossroads of Europe and at the forefront of physics, materials science, chemistry and engineering. Learn from leading experts in fundamental and applied science: quantum technology; subatomic physics; nanomaterials; nanoscience; device engineering and more. Courses are integrated with individual research projects.

Our state-of-the-art research facilities include cleanrooms, advanced microscopes and quantum laboratories. There will be enhanced involvement and networking through student-led initiatives and international partnerships.

Graduate schemes
QMat is an enhanced training programme in physics covering a broad range of topics connected to quantum science and nanomaterials. Specializations in the M2 (second-year Master’s) include astrophysics; sub-atomic physics and astroparticles; radiation physics, detectors, instrumentation and imaging; condensed matter and nanophysics; and materials and nanoscience. Each specialization includes an extended six-month internship in a QMat research laboratory.

What we are looking for
Each year we offer typically 15 Q-Master scholarships, for students entering at the M1 level (first-year Master’s) and 15 for the M2 level. To be eligible, you should  a hold a BSc in physics or equivalent and proof of proficiency in English. The selection and awarding of Q-Master scholarships is primarily based on prior academic performance, motivation for the subject and a desire to pursue your PhD in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg, France

Number of employees

Positions recently recruited for
Master study scholarships in physics

Desired degree disciplines/class
BSc or equivalent

Eligible to work in the EU

How to apply
For more information, visit

Closing date
Deadline in March (international students) and May (European students) each year

Tel +33 03 88 10 70 81

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