Tenure-Track positions in Inorganic Side Streams (InSTREAMS) programme

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 We are now looking for enthusiastic and motivated scientists from various research fields to join our Inorganic Side Streams (InSTREAMS) Tenure-Track Programme.

InSTREAMS is a multidisciplinary research programme aiming towards clean production ecosystems and sustainable value chains of the future. This is achieved by linking value chain analysis to basic research and technology development. We have a strong focus on sustainable materials and systems, and a wide academic base for interdisciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering, readily combined with sustainable value chains and business.

Our research programme includes two broad research themes. The TECH research theme concentrates on the efficient, safe and sustainable use of high-volume inorganic side streams from various industries. The VALUE research theme focuses on creating new, sustainable business models, strategies and value chains based on these inorganic high-value side streams. Within these two research themes, we are now inviting tenure track applications for the following five focus areas:

  •  High volume applications of inorganic side streams
  •  High value materials from inorganic side streams
  •  Advanced characterization of inorganic materials
  • Industrial value chain development to enable higher inorganic side stream utilization
  • Responsible business strategy to renew organizations and ecosystems in inorganic circular economy
The tenure track positions are open to highly talented individuals from various scientific fields who hold a doctoral degree and have excellent potential for a successful scientific career. Based on your experience and competence, you can be placed at the level of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor or Distinguished Professor. The positions from Associate level onwards also include a start-up package for hiring a postdoctoral fellow and a PhD student.

Currently, the InSTREAMS community includes 25 principal investigators (PIs) with versatile expertise and background. Join our dedicated and dynamic group of scientists working together towards a more sustainable and intelligent future!

Apply by September 30, 2019

More information: www.oulu.fi/instreams

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University of Oulu

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