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  • Added 24 Jul 2012
  • Closing date 21 Nov 2012

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Job ref: BR019867

Summary: Distributed system development, SQL database, multi-platform development environment, Cambridge, to £45k + benefits.

This international software company develops solutions for secure transaction processing for clients worldwide. This key role is for a Software Developer with SQL database specialisation to work from specifications and high level designs, perform detailed design, implement code, develop unit tests and peer review software work packages for new and existing products.

With a good degree in Computer Science or a related subject you will have industrial experience developing software for large or significant products using C#, C++, C, Python or Java; and experience of at least four of the following:

  • Unix & Windows full lifecycle software development with an ISO 9001 or TickIt accredited environment or similar;
  • design/development of a distributed system designed around a SQL database;
  • database administration;
  • cryptography and computer security techniques; internet software application development;
  • electronic commerce;
  • the use of formal software testing procedures and systems;
  • and working in a highly skilled and specialized software development environment.

This is an exciting and challenging role within this specialised group in Cambridge. If you enjoy working in a creative and advanced team under the umbrella of a large organisation then this is for you.

Please note: even if you don't have exactly the background indicated, do contact us now if this type of job is of interest - we may well have similar opportunities that you would be suited to.   And of course, we always get your permission before submitting your CV to a company.

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ECM Selection

ECM Selection

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Cambridgeshire, UNITED KINGDOM


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