Senior Detector Physicist in Particle Physics

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Faculty of Science and Engineering
School of Physical Sciences
Department of Physics
Senior Detector Physicist in Particle Physics
Grade 7-8
£34,188 - £51,630 pa
The University of Liverpool Particle Physics group is seeking to recruit a Senior Detector Physicist to work on silicon sensor R&D and on the development and delivery of silicon detectors for near and longer future particle physics experiments. You will be expected to provide leadership and innovation in the development of new detector ideas.
You should have a PhD in Particle Physics or a closely related area and have prior experience in one or more of the following areas: the development or use of advanced data acquisition systems; the mechanical assembly of detector systems and the development of silicon detector technology and you have the potential to become a leader in silicon detector R&D.
In the short term, you will join the team responsible for the module assembly for the outer pixel layers of the Mu3e experiment at PSI. Pixel modules with up to 72 HV-MAPS ASICs are assembled in the Liverpool Semi-Conductor Detector Centre (LSDC), our 350-m2 state-of-the-art cleanroom facility. You will take a lead on some aspects associated with the project, including the development and commissioning of the assembly tooling, the assembly itself or the verification of the electrical and thermal performance of the detector modules.
In addition, you will take a leading role in the development of a proposal to replace the LHC-b Inner Tracker with HV-MAPS technology to allow this experiment to operate at much higher collision rates than today. You will develop the module concept for this proposal and work on the construction of a multi-ASIC demonstrator module, using the facilities and technical effort available in LSDC, the mechanical workshop and the Advanced Materials Laboratory.
You will be an active member of the team in Liverpool that works on generic sensor R&D for future experiments. You will contribute to our current R&D focus on HV-MAPS sensor technology where we aim to improve timing resolution, and in the longer term developing your own R&D on high-performance silicon technologies.
The normal place of work will be in Liverpool, but some travel and work away from Liverpool will be required. Key aspects of the role include:
 - to work as a core member of the PP group detector development team on the development and construction of silicon detector for future particle physics experiments;
 - to work as part of the Liverpool Mu3e team on the assembly, installation and commissioning of the outer layer pixel modules for Mu3e;
 - to work as part of the Liverpool LHC-b team on the development of the IT replacement proposal;
 - to actively participate in the experimental collaborations, commissioning the hardware built at Liverpool and ensuring these systems deliver the physics performance and operational reliability expected;
 - to work on silicon detector R&D toward other future experiments or experiment upgrades.
The post is available until 30 September 2022, with the possibility of an extension.
Job Ref: 011913/PW                                                          Closing Date: 8 July 2019
For full details and to apply online, please visit: https://recruit.liverpool.ac.uk

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