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Job ref: EN-SMM-MRO-2019-117


As a Robotic Engineer in the SMM Group, you will follow up on the conception and realization of novel robotic systems for inspection and maintenance, as well as their operation within the CERN accelerator complex to reduce human exposure to hazards and increase machines availability. You will drive the mechatronics engineering aspect for robotic projects from concept through verification and validation to implementation. You will design and implement new robotic control systems, end effectors, tools and intervention procedures based on the requirement of new missions.

More, in particular, you will:

  • Design, prototype, construct and operate of custom robotics solutions, with particular focus on mechatronics and controls aspects.
  • Take the responsibility for the selection, acceptance tests, integration and operation of off the shelf robotic systems/solutions.
  • Develop and support, robotic mechanical interfaces, end effectors and remote manipulation tools to be applied to different robotic platforms.
  • Design, develop and support mock-ups for the acceptance tests of robotic systems, intervention procedures, tools, sensors, actuators.
  • Prepare operational procedures for remote intervention in an unstructured and harsh environment, including failure modes analysis and recovery scenarios.
  • Under operational conditions, monitor, test and debug the robot's behavior to understand and correct possible root-cause and/or failure mode.
  • Prepare technical documentation, test plans and test results, analyze results and provide conclusive reports.
  • Mentor junior developers and robot operators.
  • Interact with other groups at CERN, in particular, those in charge of equipment that needs remote maintenance, and with the health and safety department, in order to optimize the performance of the robotic missions as well as proposing a solution for robotic reconnaissance missions.


Ph.D. or equivalent relevant experience in the field of robotics, mechatronics, electrical or electronics or computer engineering or a related field.


  • Extensive experience in robotics with a sincere passion for mechatronics designs and robotic control theory.
  • Experience with mechatronic prototyping, design for manufacturability, assembly techniques, acceptance tests, materials, and 3D printing technologies.
  • Experience with the design of complex robotic systems, testing and debugging including their mechanical interfaces, end effectors, haptic devices and tools.
  • Proven experience in the remote operation of robotic systems in complex and hazardous environments, together with systems performance and availability monitoring.
  • Experience in path planning and navigation is an asset

Technical competencies:

  • Design and construction of mechatronic and robotic systems: fluency in CAD tools
  • Integration of robotic systems in complex environments.
  • Knowledge and application of numerical modeling in robotic designs.
  • Installation, operation, and maintenance of robotic systems.
  • Functional analysis of mechatronic systems and low-level robotic controls.
  • Knowledge of C++, python and mathematical modeling of robots would be a plus.

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