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Postgraduate Opportunities at Royal Holloway University of London

The Department of Physics at Royal Holloway offers PhD studentships in research projects which range from fundamental
studies of the basic properties of matter (at the lowest temperatures and highest energies) to advanced applications of Physics. Experimental and theoretical studentships funded by Research Councils, the European Union, CERN, ISIS, Diamond, the National Physical Laboratory and Royal Holloway are available in the following areas:

Centre for Condensed Matter Physics
• New functional materials (thermoelectrics, batteries, magnets) using neutrons, x-rays & computer simulations
• Strongly correlated electrons (quantum phase transitions, unconventional superconductivity, cold atoms)

London Low Temperature Laboratory
• Ultra-low temperature frontier (topological superfluidity, spin liquids, quantum nanoelectronics)
• Development of new instrumentation and thermometry for quantum technologies

Centre for Nanophysics & Nanotechnology:
• Quantum electronics, superconducting qubits, mesoscopic semiconductor devices and sensors
• Fundamental properties of matter and interfaces at the nanoscale, quantum metrology

Centre for Particle Physics
• Experimental Particle Physics at the LHC with ATLAS (Higgs physics, top quarks, searches for extra dimensions)
• Experiments for direct detection of Dark Matter (DEAP/CLEAN, DMTPC, LZ)
• Detector development for neutrino physics (Hyper-K)
• Theoretical Particle Physics: Physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM), Astro-particle Physics, phenomenology for the LHC (Higgs, BSM)

John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science
• Future accelerators and studies for the International Linear Collider (laserwire, beam diagnostics and monitoring)
• High-luminosity LHC, accelerator technology for neutron and light sources

For further information, visit www.royalholloway.ac.uk/physics/research, e-mail physics@rhul.ac.uk, or telephone 01784
443448. For access to online application forms, visit www.rhul.ac.uk/studyhere/postgraduate/applying.

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