Post-doctoral position at the Gravitation and Cosmology Group of the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro

University of the State of Rio de Janeiro

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Field of Interest: gr-qc
Deadline: 2019-09-15
Region: South America

Job description:
A postdoctoral position is open to collaborate with the members of the Gravitation and Cosmology group of

the Institute of Physics at the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), as a part of the CAPES-PrInt Program .

Applicants should preferably have one or more years of postdoctoral experience abroad. The position is for

12 months, and is intended for original and intellectually independent young researchers, who aim at

interacting with the scientists of the Group, as well as at pursuing their own lines of  research.  

The areas of strength of the Group include Early Universe Cosmology, Inflation, Cosmological Phase                            
Transitions; Cosmology, Gravitational Collapse and Compact Objects in GR and Modified Theories of                          
Gravitation; Numerical Relativity (Black Hole Initial Data, Gravitational Collapse, Nonlinear Preheating). For                        
additional information about the Group, see http://www.posif.uerj.br/?page_id=464&lang=en
All candidates are encouraged to apply from August 12 to September 15, 2019. The selected candidate will be notified by the end of September. The fellowship must start by the beginning of January 2020. During the twelve months of the fellowship, the selected candidate will receive 4.100,00 Reais per month (corresponding to the fellowship), and 400,00 Reais per month (for health insurance). There will also be a one-time payment of 2.200,00 Reais (to help the selected candidate with the initial expenses). The plane ticket will be covered by CAPES.  
Applicants should submit their Curriculum Vitae (CV), a statement of research interests, and arrange for two letters of reference to be sent on their behalf. The CV must include a list of publications, and the candidate should indicate the three that he/she considers the most relevant ones. The list of the two referees who will send the letters must be included as a separate Item in the CV.  
All files required for the application should be sent in PDF format to the following email address:                                  
sepbergliaffa@gmail.com, with the subject line “Application - Postdoctoral Fellowship”. The signed letters of reference must be sent by each referee in PDF form to the same email address, please ask him/her to include the text “Name of the candidate  Letter of Reference” in the subject line of the email.   
For additional enquires or information, please send an email to: sepbergliaffa@gmail.com
Contact: Santiago Esteban Perez Bergliaffa
Email: sepbergliaffa@gmail.com
Letters of Reference should be sent to: sepbergliaffa@gmail.com

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University of the State of Rio de Janeiro

University of the State of Rio de Janeiro

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