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PhD positions at the School of Science and Engineering
Project 1: Thermoelectric transport in core/shell nanowires. The goal of the research project is to obtain thermoelectric and heat transport characteristics of semiconductor core/shell nanowires, beyond the linear regime. Theoretical and computational methods will be applied initially but experimental verification is required at later stages. The cross section of such a nanowire can be circular or polygonal and the consequences of the geometry on the thermoelectric transport will be considered, together with the possibilities to control the thermoelectric efficiency with magnetic or electric fields. The project will include fabrication of periodic silicon nanowire arrays and modelling and measuring their thermoelectric properties.  
Project 2. Analytical results for Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in a 2D electron gas with spin-orbit and Zeeman coupling. The project will be focussed on an analytical expression for the SdH oscillations in a 2D electron gas with both Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interactions and Zeeman coupling. The project will start with an accurate approximations of spin-split Landau levels, and from this an exact formula for the density of states will be obtained, to be connected to the magnetoresisitivity. The analytical results will be compared with numerical calculations and existing experimental results. The method will be used to improve the analysis of experimental data for semiconductors with strong spin-orbit coupling.
The candidates should have a background in quantum mechanics, statistical physics, solid state physics, electromagnetism, applied mathematics, and computer programming, and should be highly interested in scientific research. A Master’s degree in physics or related sciences is mandatory. CV and three reference letters (or names) will be sent to Andrei Manolescu manoles@ru.is and Sigurdur Ingi Erlingsson sie@ru.is .  Group website: http://nano.ru.is/

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