Material Technical Engineer (TE-VSC-SCC-2019-132-LD)


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Job ref: TE-VSC-SCC-2019-132



  • Operate and maintain the equipment dedicated to thin-film coatings of components for particle accelerators.
  • Ensure availability of the plant and the quality of the production.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the parts before coating with the surface treatment team of the section.
  • In collaboration with the engineers and physicists of the team, adapt and develop the tools (holders, cathodes, masks…) and the parameters as a function of the various geometries and constraints of the parts to be treated.
  • Interact with other members of the Organisation to set up the necessary quality control (for instance surface and material analysis, pumping speed and outgassing measurements, electron microscopy, etc…).
  • Participate in the R&D phase of new thin films and processes bringing new ideas to continuously improve and adapt it to the demand of the Organisation.
  • Ensure the coordination of a small team of technicians.

Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant experience in the field of material engineering or a related field.


  • Experience in operation of thin-film deposition devices and production of thin films by PVD or CVD or similar techniques.
  • Initial experience in operation of High Vacuum or Ultra High Vacuum systems would be an asset.
  • Knowledge of some of the main thin-film characterization techniques.
  • Knowledge of basic material properties as thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, etc.

Technical competencies:

  • Knowledge and use of standard vacuum components and piping: principles of operation of Ultra High Vacuum devices, like pumps, valves, pressure gauges, residual gas analysers etc.
  • Knowledge of the physics concepts involved in the main thin-film deposition techniques.
  • Basic knowledge of Labview programming would be an advantage.


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