Guest Lecturer - Nuclear Physics

University of Chester

  • North West England
  • £Hourly paid terms
  • Academic - faculty
  • Closing date 10 Oct 2019

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The Department of Mathematical and Physical Sciences of the University of Chester is looking for a guest lecturer, who would be interested to deliver 2-hour lectures on nuclear physics to 3rd-year physics students.

The topics are as follows and the dates are flexible, i.e. they could be re-scheduled according to the lecturer's availability:
  • Oct. 15: 2 hours on the production and sources of radionuclides and accelerators
  • Oct. 24: 2 hours on biological effects of radiation, health aspects, dosimetry, detectors
  • Nov. 19: 2 hours on radiation applications 1: Industry (thickness monitoring, gauging, neutron activation analysis)
  • Nov. 26: 2 hours on radiation applications 2: CT, PET, MRI, other imaging techniques, radiotherapy
  • Dec. 3: 2 hours on radiation applications 3: Sterilisation, food preservation, radiotracer experiments
  • Dec. 10: 2 hours on Nuclear Energy - Uranium and Thorium cycle
There are presentation slides available to use or alter as they see fit. The rate of pay is £45 per hour, i.e. £90 per session (travel is not reimbursed). PhD students and Postdocs are welcome!

Interested parties should contact Dr Theodoros Papadopoulos for further information via the red apply button above.

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