Fully funded PhDs in Quantum Technology / Quantum Physics / Photonics

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Fully funded PhDs in Quantum Technology / Quantum Physics / Photonics
The Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies is focused on fundamental quantum science as well as on the development of novel quantum technologies. Hosting ten active experimental and theoretical groups, it covers an extensive research area, such as quantum computation and communications with trapped ions, photonics and optical frequency combs, microwave quantum sensors, theoretical quantum optics, quantum metrology, ultra-cold atoms in atom chips and others. Sussex offers a unique environment for highly motivated PhD candidates, providing advanced training in a wide variety of experimental and theoretical skills. The centre also actively collaborates with world-class private companies in the development and commercialisation of its research outcomes.
Currently we are offering fully funded PhD positions in several projects:
  • Quantum-enhanced radar systems. (Prof Jacob Dunningham, http://www.dunningham.org/) This theory project will develop new protocols to make use of quantum effects in radar systems improving their sensitivity and allowing them to operate covertly.
  • Optical frequency combs in optical microresonator (Dr Pasquazi, http://www.sussex.ac.uk/physics/epic/). The scope of this experimental project, with some possibility for theoretical work, is to develop compact microcomb devices based on special pulses called laser cavity solitons for portable atomic clock applications.
  • Quantum Microwave Illumination with trapped electrons (Dr Jose Verdu Galiana, www.geoniumchip.org). The scope of this experimental project is the implementation of the quantum illumination protocol using a trapped electron as the emitter/receiver of the quantum microwave radiation, for quantum radar and other applications.

Funding / Eligibility
 Applicants should preferably have (or expect to achieve) a First or Upper Second Class Masters degree in Physics, or a related subject. We welcome all applications, particularly from females and from ethnic minorities.

The positions are for 4 years, fully funded (fees and stipend) for UK/EU students. The projects are funded by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).
 Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. The positions will be filled as soon as suitable candidates are found.
How to apply
 Please go to our webpage:  https://www.sussex.ac.uk/study/phd/apply
You should enter the name of the project you wish to apply for in the finance section.
Further details:
 Please visit our webpage http://www.sussex.ac.uk/scqt/

 For further enquiries and information on how to apply please contact mpsresarchsupport@sussex.ac.uk


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University of Sussex

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