Dstl Engineering and Science roles

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Dstl Engineering and Science roles

Reference number: 1615863
Salary: £19,000 - £45.000 Depending on skills and experience
Locations: Dstl Porton Down, Salisbury, Wiltshire; Dstl Portsdown West, Fareham, Hampshire: Dstl Fort Halstead, Sevenoaks, Kent.
Closing date: 28th February 2019

We’re the ENGINEERING behind the excellence.
The SCIENCE behind the security.
The BRAINS behind the best.

At Dstl, our Counter Terrorism and Security Division (CTS) has a huge impact. We use our expertise to provide exceptional security for the nation.

Whether you’re recognising patterns, developing surveillance systems, or detecting explosives, you’ll be using cutting-edge technology. In fact, you might even create ground-breaking systems and devices. And while the work might be complex, our motives are clear: we’re the engineering behind the excellence and the science behind the security.

And no matter how senior you are, there’s always room to take on more hands-on work. Plus, to keep you doing what you do best, you don’t need to take on extra management responsibilities if you don’t wish to. So when you join CTS, you won’t just contribute towards the bigger picture, you’ll realise your full potential as an engineer or scientist.

To keep Britain and our allies safe, we need a wide variety of exceptional specialists. We’re always looking for people with unique backgrounds, a constant hunger for innovation and the ability to tackle problems from different angles. With excellent people driving our teams, you’ll help the military and police forces anticipate what’s next.

We’re looking for amazing scientists and engineers to join us in these areas:

•    Electronics Engineers
•    Communications Engineers
•    Mechanical Engineers
•    Explosive Engineers
•    Electro Optic Engineers
•    Embedded Network Engineers
•    Workshop Mechanical and Material Engineers
•    Software Engineers and Scientists
•    Physicists
•    Applied Chemists
•    Analytical Chemists
•    Computational Chemists
•    Modellers and FPGA
•    Computer Scientists
•    Latent Fingerprint Examiners
•    Image Processing Facial Recognition  
•    Systems Engineering
•    Robotics

Join us, and become the brains behind the best.

To find out more visit https://bit.ly/2RL18L3

Closing date: 28th February 2019

https://www.civilservicejobs.service.gov.uk/csr/index.cgi search for vacancy 1615863 and follow the instructions to apply


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