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The National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics (IN2P3) of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the University Paris-Sud (UPS) and the University Paris-Diderot (UPD) invite applications for the position of Director of their future laboratory of physics in Orsay.

This laboratory will be a new joint research unit (UMR) to be created on January 1, 2020. It will result from the merger of five UMRs located on the Orsay university campus: the Center for Nuclear Science and Material Science (CSNSM), the Laboratory of Imaging and Modeling in Neurobiology and Oncology (IMNC), the Orsay Institute of Nuclear Physics (IPNO), the Linear Accelerator Laboratory (LAL) and the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (LPT). The staff will be comprised of close to 600 permanent staff (370 engineers, technicians and administrative staff and 220 researchers and faculties) and about 250 non-permanent staff including 120 doctoral students.

The research activities of this laboratory will cover most of IN2P3's research areas. The teams are engaged in international projects in nuclear physics (such as experiments at the local ALTO platform and at GANIL), hadron physics, nuclear astrophysics and cosmochemistry, neutrino physics, as well as in large particle physics collaborations, such as at the LHC of CERN. They are also involved in high energy gamma-ray astronomy, in the study of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and gravitational waves, in the indirect and direct search for dark matter and in cosmology. The laboratory will host a large theoretical team involved in these research topics as well as mathematical physics and statistical physics. It will also have broad expertise in accelerator physics, both in research and development of new technologies and in the construction and implementation of large accelerator-based research infrastructure. In addition, its teams are involved in research activities in the field of nuclear energy, as well as health and environment related nuclear and particle physics.

The future director of the laboratory should have an outstanding scientific profile, experience in leadership positions in the domain of nuclear or particle physics or related fields, and a strong ambition for the laboratory. He or she should identify projects and activities, which should be primarily supported and developed in order to reinforce the position of the laboratory as a world-class laboratory. The start of the mandate is scheduled for January 1st, 2020. The term of office is five years.
Applications for the position should be sent to Lydia Roos (lydia.roos@in2p3.fr) before July 12. The applicant should join a curriculum vitae and a letter of motivation in which he or she is invited to express his or her vision of the laboratory in ten years from now, and lay out a plan of actions for the next five years. Candidates are invited to contact Lydia Roos who will provide them with documents elaborated during the preparation phases, which they are invited to use to prepare their project. An appreciation of the place and role of the laboratory in the national and international landscape is expected. It is further expected that the candidate will present his or her vision of:
  • The internal organization of the laboratory (management team, organization of research activities, construction and operation of particle detectors and accelerators platforms, data management, nuclear safety, …);
  • The administration of the laboratory, its human and financial resources, the relation to the funding organizations as well as the committees and councils of the laboratory;
  • The transforming of the laboratory work environment and HR accompanying measures;
  • The relations and the interactions with IN2P3 laboratories;
  • The interfaces and the collaborations with the regional scientific cluster.
The applicants will be pre-selected for an interview with representatives of CNRS, UPS and UPD and an international expert, in the form of a twenty-minute presentation, followed by a discussion on the points mentioned above. The interviews will take place on July 15, 2019.

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