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Job ref: HSE-OHS-XP-2018-123

As a Mechanical Safety Engineer in the Prevention & Safety Engineering Expertise Section of HSE-OHS, you will take up the role of CERN specialist for mechanical safety, covering several subdomains of mechanical engineering and joining a multidisciplinary team of safety experts.

In particular, mechanical safety comprises subdomains such as cryogenics, pressure equipment, handling and lifting equipment, welding, machinery, metallic structures, machine-tools, and lifts.

For each of these fields, you will be the responsible for the definition and monitoring of the implementation of CERN's Safety Policy.

As a mechanical safety expert, you will:

  • Support, verify, and validate the mechanical design calculations prepared by different CERN technical departments. This activity can relate to highly specialised equipment, not fully covered by common standards.
  • Contribute to the projects/experiments safety support activity of the HSE-OHS group for CERN projects follow-up, internally coordinating different safety specialists in defining exhaustive safety requirements for experimental facilities, installations and equipment.
  • Check the conformity of engineering and tendering specifications and fabricated equipment with state of the art mechanical safety requirements.
  • Design and deliver safety training related to all mechanical domains, if required by the Organization.
  • Provide support in safety risk assessment and risk control, equipment integrity, audits, and technical reviews.
  • Write CERN safety documentation including rules, instructions, and guidelines.


The experience required for this post is:

  • Proven experience in analytical design and validation in accordance with harmonised European standards of mechanical equipment and installations, such as pressure equipment and metallic structures.
  • Proven experience in the application of standards and directives related to handling and lifting equipment, welding, machinery, and machine-tools or cryogenics.
  • Proven experience in developing solutions in fields where mechanical standards and directives cannot be applied.
  • Demonstrated experience in the use of Finite Elements-based software packages (familiarity with ANSYS workbench is particularly appreciated): ability to assess the resistance and the performance of pressure vessels in order to verify their compliance to the applicable safety requirements.
  • Experience with the supervision of the construction and commissioning of mechanical systems and components would be an advantage.

Technical competencies:

  • Occupational safety and risk management: knowledge of safety risk assessment methodologies/tools and risk management.
  • Knowledge of design codes and compliance verification of mechanical equipment: capability to design mechanical equipment or installations from the study phase to operation.
  • Design and analysis of mechanical structures: knowledge of Finite Element methods and capability to carry out and assess FE analyses.
  • Assembly of mechanical structures and equipment: knowledge of manufacturing methods, processes, preparation, planning, drawing, and control and related safety certification.
  • Knowledge and understanding of health and safety legal issues: good knowledge of the European regulatory framework (directives and standards), in particular related to pressure equipment and machinery.

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