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The Company
Evonetix is a start-up company which is set to revolutionize de novo gene synthesis, as needed to facilitate the fast-growing and incredibly exciting field of synthetic biology.  Our technology is based upon a novel silicon array, manufactured with semiconductor microfabrication techniques and capable of independent control of many thousands of miniaturized reaction sites, allowing massive parallelism of the DNA synthesis process.
The position
Evonetix is looking to hire a biophysicist to work on several aspects of DNA assembly, as part of our DNA synthesis programme. Although based in the physics team, this position will be working closely with both biologists and physicist within the company. You will be familiar with the physics of DNA in solution including electrostatic screening, hybridisation, melting and diffusion and able to use biophysical models to make quantitative predictions about physical behaviour in these situations. You will be familiar with the behaviour of DNA ensembles in microfluidic environments and be able to use commercial/opensource software to model this system. You will experimentally test your predictions using commonly used experimental tools in biophysics. This position will provide an excellent opportunity for a recent biophysics Ph.D., or early-stage postdoc, to develop their theoretical and experimental abilities in a fastgrowing biotechnology start-up company.  The successful candidate will play an important role within the multi-disciplinary team that is working towards the development of Evonetix’s first DNA synthesis product.  

Skills and experience
• Ph.D. in biophysics or equivalent, with an emphasis on the application of quantitative techniques and physical principles to biological systems and molecules
• Multi-physics modelling using COMSOL or equivalent
• Experience with experimental biophysical techniques, e.g. single-molecule methods, fluorescence microscopy, kinetic assays, quantitative measurements of biological interactions.
• Experience with molecular biology techniques, e.g. DNA manipulation.
• Strong hands-on data analysis skills, using e.g. python, Jupyter notebooks or equivalent.
• A creative thinker, who can introduce innovative ideas, with the ability to reduce these ideas to practice.
• Ability to work quickly and efficiently, generating quality work in a fast-paced environment.
• Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.  Able to collaborate effectively within a multidisciplinary team.
• Some exposure to an industrial environment and an understanding of product development would be an advantage.

Please contact Dr Andrew Ferguson (andrew.ferguson@evonetix.com) with a CV and covering letter to apply or for further information.  

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