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Job ref: EN-EL-FC-2018-82


As a fibre optics technical engineer in the FC section, you will actively contribute to the continuous extension, consolidation, and maintenance of CERN's optical fibre network constituting the infrastructure for the major communication systems of the various accelerators, including CERN's current leading project: the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC).

You will:

  • Take responsibility for project preparation and deployment concerning the optical fibre network.
  • Organize optical fibre cabling installation campaigns on CERN sites, requiring close and frequent on-site interactions with contractors and CERN users from other Groups/Departments.
  • Be in charge of the deployment of the optical fibre management system and related database tools.
  • Participate in the design of the optical fibre network and its upgrades in view of improving its reliability and availability.
  • Draw up technical specifications and manage industrial supply contracts.
  • Select and define optical cabling components, installation methodologies, testing procedures, and naming conventions.
  • Prepare data analysis, statistics and forecasting and follow-up project costs and financial plans.
  • Provide specialized engineering support to optical fibre users.
  • Contribute to copper cabling activities, as required.


The experience required for this post is:

  • Demonstrated experience in project management relating to optical fibre installations.
  • Demonstrated experience in the field of optical fibre qualification and tests.
  • Demonstrated experience in the field of optoelectronics components and optical fibre transmission.

The following experience would be an asset:

  • Demonstrated experience in the field of optical fibre and signal cabling installation. Ability to deal with contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Experience in writing technical specifications and /or scientific publications.
  • Practical experience of optical fibre cabling with the blowing method.

Technical competencies:

  • Project management
  • Knowledge of programming techniques and languages: and simulation design software.
  • Optical cabling system design and implementation techniques.
  • Knowledge of optical transmission fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of test and measurement techniques in the optical fibre domain.


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