The Hub incorporates the existing collaboration between the Universities of Bristol and Oxford, the Nuclear Research Centre (NRC). With a dedicated building, opening in summer 2016 at the University of Bristol, the Hub will introduce a step-change across Higher Education in the region to accelerate and grow nuclear research and teaching activities. The Hub provides a common location for academia, industry and government to come together to meet the opportunities and challenges facing nuclear energy in the UK.
Within the Hub, NRC continues to actively pursue collaborative research opportunities in the UK and internationally. New and existing industrial partners are committing support for the Centre’s long-term research vision by establishing strategic relationships.
The South West Nuclear Hub is a gateway to nuclear energy related research capability across the region. Enquiries are welcome from potential new partners, from industry, academia or other organisations and from anyone seeking more information on nuclear energy research in the south of the UK.
The purpose of the South West Nuclear Hub is to facilitate leading-edge research in science and engineering, supporting the nuclear energy industry in the UK and around the world. This ranges from safe decommissioning and legacy clean-up to construction, operation and development of present and future nuclear energy systems.
The Hub draws together scientists, engineers and experts from across three sectors of Higher Education, Industry and Government to complement the UK’s research and teaching capability and support nuclear power’s contribution to a low-carbon, affordable and secure energy system for the UK.
Company at a Glance
- Winner of an The Engineer Collaborate to Innovate Award
Company Values
  • Innovation: “powering innovation in nuclear energy”
  • Industry: “a fusion of academic excellence and world leading industry”
  • Research: “enhancing our understanding of nuclear energy”
  • Education: “creating tomorrow’s nuclear leaders”
  • Connectivity: “forging new links across the global nuclear sector”