Are you ready for a new, exciting and rewarding challenge?

The Researchers in Schools programme will support you to become an excellent secondary school physics teacher and maximise the benefits that having a PhD brings to your new career in teaching. You will use your highly sought-after physics knowledge and understanding of higher education to help more young people from underrepresented backgrounds progress to study physics at university
The programme is designed to run over three years. At the end of the first year you will achieve Qualified Teacher Status, the national qualification that allows you to teach in any state school in England and Wales. For the remaining two years of the programme you will be employed as an early career teacher and spend four days a week teaching. Alongside your teaching, you will spend one day a week completing our Research Leader in Education Award: a three-year programme of professional development designed by experts to optimise the skills that you have gained from your PhD and maximise pupil impact.


Company Values
To increase and disseminate subject expertise
  • To promote education research
  • To champion university access
Company at a Glance
  • Researchers in Schools is a programme delivered by The Brilliant Club, an award-winning charity that works to increase the number of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds that progress to highly selective universities. Today, 50% of privately educated children in the UK will progress to a top university, compared with 2% from low-income backgrounds. The Brilliant Club seeks to address this problem in a simple, scalable and sustainable way: we recruit, train and place PhD students and PhD graduates in non-selective state schools to work part-time as tutors or full-time as teachers.