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Veronika Drgonova, Process Engineer, on GA Drilling

What is so unique on GA Drilling? Why Veronika decided to study engineering and to become process engineer? Watch our video revealing her daily work in the Slovak hi-tech company based in Bratislava.

Michal Vrsek, Product Manufacturing and Assembly Manager, on GA Drilling

From automotive to development of groundbreaking technology for oil & gas industry. What attracts the product manufacturing and assembly manager Michal to work for GA Drilling? Enjoy GA Drilling values and spirit!


PLASMABIT Milling test

Video of the milling test shows achieving 30 ft of uninterrupted tubing removal using PLASMABIT. The milled tubing represents a real sample of production tubing with tubing coupling and control line which needs to be removed during Well P&A, the first application of PLASMABIT.

PLASMABIT Drilling test

Getting to unlimited sources of clean and baseload geothermal energy anywhere in the world is a long-term vision of GA Drilling.

GA Drilling Profile by Neulogy Ventures

Co-founder and CEO Igor Kocis introduces GA Drilling company, its vision and technology.