Scientific research

Around 10% of students who complete a physics degree stay in the fields of research, analysis and development. Those wishing to stay in pure physics tend to have a fascination for one or more of the core principles of the science, and popular routes for further research include astrophysics, particle physics, electromagnetism, quantum and classical mechanics, statistical physics and thermodynamics, wave phenomena and the properties of matter.

Typically, those who succeed in making physics research a viable career have excellent technical skills, such as numeracy and mathematical modelling; good problem-solving and analytical skills; and the ability to manage projects effectively. They must also be highly self-motivated because research can often throw up lots of dead ends before useful results emerge. Candidates may also show a strong desire to work in a team, and they generally understand the constraints of working to a brief and staying within prearranged budgets.

The first step for any graduate wishing to pursue a career in academic research will be a postgraduate degree, followed by a stint as a postdoctoral researcher. A PhD is not essential for a research career outside the university sector, but you may find that a PhD or Master's degree will help your career prospects.

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Free webinar: PhD Opportunities at IMT Lucca

In these two interactive webinars, IMT Lucca will present four of the eight PhD cirricula offered to the 2014/15 Academic Year. While these eight curricula are field-specific, they all share a common background within the broad framework of the analysis and management of a plurality of systems.

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This event has been designed to give you clarity of some of the main areas of our business and the career and development opportunities we offer Physicists. Whether you’re considering a new career now, or in the future, or simply interested in understanding the roles Physicists play in one of the world’s leading engineering and advanced manufacturing businesses, we’d be delighted to meet you. Click here to watch the video of this event now.

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