Nuclear and fusion

Nuclear energy is enjoying something of a resurgence across Europe, which is creating greater demand for physicists and engineers to work in a variety of roles. The nuclear industry has responded by introducing a range of schemes for would-be nuclear engineers, as highlighted in some of our case studies below.

At the other end of the scale, nuclear fusion remains a tantalizing energy source of the future. With international proof-of-concept experiments now under way, the time has never been better for qualified physicists and engineers to make a contribution that could benefit the long-term future of our planet.

Webinar: Come and work for ELI Nuclear-Physics
Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) is the most powerful laser system dedicated to laser-matter interaction and nuclear physics studies. With a recent investment in creating a new cutting-edge research facility ELI-NP is now seeking the very best minds to join their crew in Romania.

Join Nicolae Victor Zamfir, Project Manager at ELI-NP, to discuss the incredible work being done in understanding the fundamental processes involved in light-matter interaction. You’ll find out about the new opportunities available as well as:

  • what ELI-NP is looking for in your application
  • the benefits of working for ELI-NP
  • how to apply
Case study: A fresh look at nuclear

A new industry-wide graduate scheme aims to get the next generation of nuclear scientists thinking about community and environmental issues from the outset. Susie Hay and Michael Kelk describe the "nucleargraduates" programme.

Case study: Fusion scientists of the future

In interdisciplinary subjects such as fusion energy, training PhD students is a complex task. Llion Marc Evans describes how being part of the Fusion Doctoral Training Network has helped him develop as a researcher.

Case study: Generating job options

There are numerous opportunities for physics graduates within the nuclear-power industry, and British Energy's graduate training scheme provides a way of sampling them all, as James Eberlein explains.

Case study: Industry fusion

Steven McNamara reflects on the lessons learned during an industry-supported PhD in nuclear fusion.

Case study: Joining the nuclear renaissance

A year after earning her degree in physics, nuclear newbie Kate Wright shares her experiences of starting out in an industry that is enjoying a revival within the UK.

Case study: New beginnings for nuclear

Jeroen Veenstra describes how his enthusiasm for nuclear energy led him to a new country, a new language and a role in developing the energy future.

Case study: Playing it safe with reactors

With new nuclear reactors on the horizon, Mike Yule explains why helping to keep the UK's existing plants running safely is a great job for a physicist.