Energy and renewables

The energy sector remains an important employer of physicists. Traditional energy companies continue to develop new technologies to maximize their returns from fossil fuels, while an increasing emphasis on renewable energy sources has led to a skills shortage in this field.

Major energy companies are the big employers in this area, and offer high standards of graduate training. However, further study can help you to make a more informed decision about choosing a career in energy.

Case study: Rewards of renewables

Thanks to concerns about carbon emissions and the rising price of fossil fuels, the green-energy industry is currently experiencing huge growth worldwide. This presents plenty of interesting and lucrative opportunities for physicists, as Gregory McNamee describes.

Case study: Striking it lucky in the oil industry

Physicists play a key role in developing the technology used to extract oil. Stephen Mullens explains the excitement and challenges of working in the oil industry.

Case study: Cleaning up the power industry

E.ON UK is one of the country's leading energy companies. Vicki Booth explains how she is helping to reduce the environmental impact of energy generation to meet the challenges of climate change.