Accelerators and light sources

Physics graduates may wish to further their understanding of physics by working with organizations at the cutting edge of science. Exciting opportunities exist at CERN, the world's largest particle-physics lab, as well as other high-energy physics centres around the globe.

Investment has also grown in large-scale synchrotron facilities and other high-energy light sources such as free-electron lasers. These facilities have an almost constant demand for qualified physicists, and offer you the chance to contribute to ground-breaking physics research.

Case study: Life in the line of fire

All major X-ray and neutron facilities employ instrument scientists, who are experimental experts, liaison officers and researchers rolled into one. Andrew Wildes from the Institut Laue-Langevin explains how he juggles his daily tasks.

Case study: Leadership required

What does it take to lead a lab with more than 2000 staff members and an annual budget in excess of €800m? As CERN celebrates its 60th anniversary this month, Sharon Ann Holgate finds out what's expected of the lab's next director-general.