Physics World Careers 2018

Welcome to Physics World Careers 2018, a complete guide to career opportunities for physics graduates.

The skills and knowledge you gain from studying physics are an invaluable foundation for a successful and fulfilling career. In particular, as physicists, you will have learnt to be logical, analytical and articulate. These are skills that are highly prized by employers and open up many career paths for you. In compiling this guide, the Physics World editors have therefore tried to encompass as many of those different options as possible.

As the representative body for physicists in the UK and Ireland, the Institute of Physics (IOP) supports the career aspirations of all its members at every career stage. Members of the Institute end up in a wide variety of roles from captains of industry and partners in law firms to entrepreneurs and world-class engineers and scientists. Whichever path suits you best, members of the IOP can access the resources and guidance you need to progress smoothly from a newly employed graduate to a seasoned professional. You can find out more about the IOP’s careers and professional development at www.iop.org/careers.

I hope that you find this guide valuable, and wish you the best of luck in your search for a rewarding, fulfilling career that makes full use of the skills you have developed from studying physics.

James McKenzie
Vice President for Business, Institute of Physics