Physics World Careers 2020

It’s amazing how much has happened since Physics World was founded 30 years ago – from the discovery of the Higgs boson to the detection of gravitational waves. Indeed, the prospect of doing that kind of fantastic fundamental research may well have attracted you to physics in the first place.

But studying physics offers so many other rewarding career options too. As physicists, we’re curious about the world. We want to push the boundaries and embrace the new. We’re numerate, analytical and logical, and many of us do great things in all sorts of fields, be it in industry, education, academia, IT or the public sector.

This careers guide, brought to you by the Physics World editorial team, outlines some of the many choices for physics graduates. And don’t forget that Physics World is published by the Institute of Physics (IOP), which provides all sorts of additional resources and guidance to supports its members at every stage of their career. You can find out more about the IOP’s careers and professional development at www.iop.org/careers.

I hope you find this guide valuable, and wish you the best of luck searching for a rewarding and fulfilling career that fully uses the skills that you’ve developed in studying physics.

Professor Julia Higgins
President, Institute of Physics