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Your career options
Your career options
What are your career options?

Where to start if you're wondering what job is right for you.

How to land your ideal job?

Vacancies may be scarce, but this just means that you have to be better prepared.

Your job application
Your job application
Writing your CV

Make the most of your curriculum vitae.

Application forms

How to stand out from the crowd.

Covering letters

Make the most of your covering letter to highlight your potential.

Your job interview
Your job interview
Interview techniques

Tips on winning over the most sceptical panel.

Psychometric tests

What they are and how to deal with them.

Group exercises

Show off your team-working skills to best advantage.

Physics World Careers 2019
Physics World Careers 2019

Welcome to Physics World Careers 2019, a complete guide to career opportunities for physics graduates.

Diversity in the workplace
Diversity in the workplace

Taken from the March 2016 issue of Physics World

Alaina G Levine outlines strategies to help graduates find employers who understand the value of a diverse workforce.

Physics world graduate careers
Physics world graduate careers

March 2017 Graduate Careers

Education, education: Why teaching physics might be the career for you, and how to get the training you need.

Most physics graduates have an idea of what it's like to be a physics teacher, having been taught by one in the recent past. Some may even be in physics today thanks to a particularly inspiring teacher. But not enough graduates consider teaching as a career option. Hear from teachers Cara Hutton and Dave Gash on how and why they made the choice to become educators.

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